10 Lessons learned from Slunečnice ze Žižkova

You never know what a night in Prague down town can bring… Last night, we were Prague – United colours of Fruits. Banana, coconut, apples, strawberries. With or without you. In US we trust – sweet little something – multinational colourful funny cocktails mixed across the world. Opened and enjoyed in Prague.

1. Don’t drink water just because it’s white and smells like coconut heaven. It is not ok to drink Malibu before 9 a.m. Not if you want to have all financial reports done by noon.Look what you poour in glasses before you drink it!!

2.I have a friend Nejezchleba (Dont-eat-breat). I have never told him Do-eat-RICE. Yes dudes, Do eat Rice 🙂 Damien Rice​

3. New business idea? T-shirts saying I dont sell drugs, just GREEN TEA. I look high as kite, so let it be and give me pen, ink and piece of paper please!

4. Don’t try doing match-making while your out with bunch of hot French girls. It is really embarrassing to explain everytime to those men that you are engaged and ur fiancé does box and looks like angry Teddy bear when his woman is under danger.

5. It is even more embarassing when you need to tell the guy (already insterested in one of ur chicas) that she is just not into him

6. The worst – when your friend wants the new found guy BUT you see him kissing an hugging his…boyfriend

7. Just show them your shiny tiny engagement ring. Or your upcoming kickbox muscles. Or that Sandra Mašková​ is your trainer and killing furious national champion as well. All men will run shouting „Live long and prosper„. Oh yeah, it does work!

8. Don’t talk to strangers, especially cute sexy Asians just because they remind u of a girl with the cutest pihy ever. Yeah just admit it, after 20 years in Europe you don’t recognise Asians. Sorry…we are all so alike!

9. Hey Duong, you are no more just Vietnamese-Czech. You are also Strasbourgoise, Grenobloise, et surtout alpinienne & Lyonnaise!

10. Lucerna Music Bar​ is the best place to take the whole „La vie française en rose“ to Prague downtown. Just because you dance with a strasbourgois…Michael Rose 🙂 Yes indeed, NOTRE rosé d’Anjou est never empty, mes bisousnours !! A plus tard chez La Femme MiMi​ <3, another cosmopolitan place in the middle of Prague.

MERCI mes amis, for coming to the mountain, to my town. The gilrs & boys just wanna have some fun. We are careless, coulourless, we just love laugh, Prague and fun.


Ještě tu nikdo nic nenapsal :(